Top 12 Athleisure Brands for women in 2021

Top 12 Athleisure Brands for women in 2021

Heritech, the popular fashion AI platform reports that:

‘The Athleisure sector has grown 42% in the last seven years, and by 2026, it is expected to reach a value of over $250 billion.

Athleisure is a term that combines the words athletic and leisure to describe sportswear you can wear on every occasion.

What are the key factors behind this trends success?

  • A brilliant idea
  • Right timing
  • Careful strategy

For example, technological innovations in fabrics, the increasing popularity of various sports activities, the body-positive movement, creative marketing, are some of the reasons behind it.

Here are 12 Brands that do Athleisure best.

1. Ellesse

This Italian sportswear brand uses high-performance fabrics to produce street-to-studio fashion pieces. Their style is a fashion-forward combination of classic, retro, and comfy.

2. Underarmour

Under Armour’s revolutionary IsoChill Technology keeps you cooler so you can work out longer. They have an extensive product range to accommodate workouts of various intensities.

3. Asics

Asics is one of the top choices for running sportswear. Their running jackets are functional, lightweight, and water-resistant. They can also keep you warm in cold conditions while remaining visible in low light conditions.


This is premium sportswear brand focuses on quality and fit. Their design is seamless, fresh, and clean. Their ultimate goal is to create products that can enhance performance and can be worn everywhere.

5. Fabletics

The Kate Hudson-backed brand currently has over 2 million members. Fabletics is one of the first online brands that produced fashionable designs. Their innovative VIP membership program is part of their massive successs.

6. Sweat Betty

The popular UK-based label got its name because the founder wanted to make it cool to sweat. They are particularly popular for their power, bum-sculpting leggings as well as seamless designs.

7. Alo yoga

Alo yoga originated in LA and designs flattering and flexible yoga pieces. They also have some very unique colours, such as neon apricot. Ideal for anyone looking for comfort and elegance.

8. Beyond yoga

Another LA label that aims for the effortlessly cool look. This summer collection has a vintage vibe and the fabrics are luxuriously soft and flattering. Making them an all-day favourite.

9. Bamboo clothing

Caring for the planet and the need for adventure is the inspiration behind this brand. They use bamboo to create athleisure which makes it super breathable and soft.

10. Varley

Varley uses Italian fabrics for its luxurious collections. They design them in LA and produce them in London. This is why they have such a sleek city street-style feel.

11. Girlfriend Collective

This Seattle-based start-up developed a huge following by designing minimal, size-inclusive, eco-friendly athleisure. Their colours are always memorable, and their designs pretty and practical.

12. Outdoor voices

Outdoor Voices, the New York label, is a brand that makes athleisure using sustainable textiles and responsibly sourced materials. They have some of the most creative designs with colours that stand out.

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