The Most Successful Online Communities

The Most Successful Online Communities

Here are some of the most successful online Communities. Brands that built online communities with a massive following. How these communities contributed to product development as well as increasing their popularity.

1. Airbnb community

The Most Successful Online Communities
Photo by Thank You to Airbnb Hosts | Airbnb

Airbnb has created a very successful community for their hosts. The host community has more than a million members. It is hosted on its own website. On their landing page, you can see the total number of members and posts, as well as who is active at the moment.

The platform offers a space to share their experiences as Airbnb hosts. A point of reference along with the feeling of a shared identity. This increases the popularity and credibility of their community.

You can find the answers to almost any question asked. From ways to deal with nightmare guests to tips on how to upgrade your hosting skills.

The groups within the community vary from local to global. Providing emotional and practical support for any issue raised.

2. TripAdvisor community

The Most Successful Online Communities
Photo by Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor is probably the most well-known platform for traveling advice and recommendations. It hosts its online community on its website. They empower their members by giving them the opportunity to create their own account.

In this case, the member is also their ideal customer. By allowing them to share their own experiences on the popular platform they create a lasting relationship. The contributors feel valued. Plus, traveling is a topic that keeps on giving. There is always something new to discover. Something else to contribute. Exciting to write but also read about.

Tripadvisor has categorized its community by destination and theme forums. Covering anything from ”Honeymoon/romance” to ”Antarctic adventures”.

3. Fitbit community

My personal favorite, with more than a million members. Fitbit produces fitness and consumer electronic products. They are most well known for their wristband activity trackers.

You get access to their online community through your personal account. It is necessary to own a Fitbit product in order to create one.

Having great technology and reliable customer service are not the only things that help them stand out. Their online community is equally helpful and impressive.

It adds value to the actual product. Providing an extra source of motivation for its members. You can join a variety of groups. Like ”weight loss”, ”yoga”, ”healthy eating”, ”cycling” , your local area group and many more. Their members share all kinds of updates or tips.

You can also add other members and join them on challenges. Connecting people through their fitness and health journey creates a sense of a ”team”. Providing inspiration even through healthy competition.

4. Foursquare community

The Most Successful Online Communities
Photo by Foursquare

The CEO of this location-based social tool invested in a community early on. The Superusers community was created by the users initiative. The company noticed that many users were editing content on the app.

So they used this idea to gain insight and develop their product. The creation of this community helped nurture this relationship.

According to their website: ‘‘Superusers are the dedicated, passionate members.” They keep the app ”organized behind the scenes.” The members are ”local experts who love to explore and help others unlock the best experiences.”

Community members advocating for the brand helped it grow from 250,000 to 8 million in just one year.

5. Duolingo Community

Photo by Duolingo

The language learning app became widely recognized when they tapped on the power of their online community.

The team of Duolingo used volunteers to test and talk about their language courses.

This ”experiment” was so successful that the community ended up producing brand new content. The Duolingo team worked with community members who contributed to groundbreaking ideas. Improving the language courses according to the members’ experience.

6. Passion Planner community

Photo by Passion Planner

In October of 2013, the first-ever Passion Planner launched on Kickstarter. Today, it has a global community of over one million people.

They mainly sell paper and digital planners. What makes them that popular? A legion of dedicated customers.

They use the #PashFam hashtag on their social media community platforms to connect with customers. It has been used over 80,000 times.

#PashFam is dominating all their online platforms. From the website’s newsletter to the sign-up form.

They earn their community members appreciation by sharing “inspiring stories, free downloads, exclusive sales, and tips that will empower you to build your ideal life.”

Customers that will benefit from this material will submit their email address to receive them. Creating a bridge of direct communication with the brand.

7. Skullcandy community

Photo by Skullcandy

The headphones and earbuds company known as Skullcandy has a massive Facebook community. Over two million followers.

This is the platform they mostly use to promote brand awareness. A brand that prides itself on its unique culture.

”We have a strong heritage in action sports and emerging artists, and are inspired by those who live life on their own terms.” 

They highlight the most active community members. Creating a personal bond between the members and the brand. Not much promotion needed when your customers are the truest brand ambassadors.

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