Beautiful Greek islands ideal for a car-free holiday

Beautiful Greek islands ideal for a car-free holiday

Are you planning a holiday to the greek islands but do not enough time or budget to hire a car? Or are you mindful of your carbon footprint and looking to cut out cars from your holiday plans? Not a problem. Sticking to smaller islands or choosing the right location for your stay is key when planning a car-free holiday. The following islands are perfect options for this purpose.

Andros island

Andros is one of the closest islands to Athens and the ferry there takes only 1 hour 30 min. If you are seeking to explore the entire island, you will need a car. However, if you choose to stay in Batsi (a village on the island), you have everything you need within walking distance. Great hotels, restaurants, shops, bars and sandy beaches.

Photo by Andros Travel Guide 2022 l Greeka

Aegina island

Another popular destination the small island of Aegina just 1 hour and 20 min with the ferry from Athens. There you can find some impressive neoclassical mansions since it used to be the capital of Greece until 1829. One of the highlights of the island is the Temple of Aphea that is definitely worth a visit. Aegina is also known for producing some of the best pistatsios worldwide.

Photo by Aegina Travel Guide 2022 l Greeka

Agistri island

This is one of my favourite destinations for a short break from Athens. It’s easy and quick to get here, 50 min to 1 hour and 35 min with the ferry. Lots of restaurants and sandy beaches to choose from. This island is small and ideal from a relaxing get away.

Photo by Agistri Travel Guide 2022 l Greeka

Hydra island

No cars or motorcycles are allowed in this island. This is a popular destination because of it’s proximity to Athens and preserved classical beauty. Horses, donkeys and water taxis are the only means of transport. In this atmospheric island you can also find monuments, canons and traditional stone build mansions among others. Hydra is also a popular yatching destination.

Photo by Hydra Travel Guide 2022 l Greeka

Koufonisia island

Koufonisia is a group of 2 islands: Ano Koufonissi and Kato Koufonissi. Getting there is not quick or easy (7-9 hours by ferry) but it is definitely worth it.The most convenient place to stay is in or around Chora which is the only village of the island. This place perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing holiday, turquoise waters and sea caves.

Photo by Koufonisia Travel Guide 2022 l Greeka

Folegandros island

This small island is perfect for a peaceful vacation. It is located between the busy islands of Paros and Santorini and stands out with it’s incredible natural beauty. You can either fly to Santorini and take the ferry from there or take a ferry straight from Athens which takes 6 hours hours. Best location to stay is Chora, which is the island’s capital.

Photo by Folegandros Travel Guide 2022 l Greeka

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