Great Gift Ideas for Football fans for all budgets

Great Gift Ideas for Football fans for all budgets

Football tournaments may last a fortnight but the joy a great football gift brings lasts forever.

These are 4 categories of great gift ideas for Football fans and personal favourites.


Great Gift Ideas for Football fans for all budgets

Not to be mistaken with football equipment, football apparel is clothing that draws from the football culture.

Think clothing you can rock into a pub on a non-matchday without getting weird looks.

Great football apparel isn’t restricted to use at sports events only.

Great footy clothing can be worn at BBQs, holidays, pubs, and even as PJs hence the broad appeal as a choice for gifting.

As with most football-related items, there isn’t a shortage of outlets for shopping.

A cursory glance on the internet will bring more than enough options.


It’s hard enough buying football gifts, it becomes even harder when the recipient is your Soho-dwelling bushy-bearded hipster cousin that lives only for kombucha and triple filtered single-sourced Kenyan fair trade coffee that has been passed out by a white rhino.

Delicate cases like this demand a sensible move away from the more traditional options for apparel.

Go for more specialized football apparel outlets such as:

Mundial mag

Trickett England

Nssmag Store

Copa Football

Personal Favourite

The “NSS Metrostars Longsleeve Jersey Red” blends the Sopranos and early 2000s football into a superb long sleeve top.

Only the finest threads will do for your tattooed prince, and we reckon this should score top marks.


Great Gift Ideas for Football fans for all budgets

Simple proposition here. Gift tickets to football events or events related to football.

Probably not the most popular purchase choice due to the current climate but for the more optimistic among us, this is still an excellent choice.

Maybe more so because of the times, this is one gift that would be highly appreciated.

However, if crowds (understandably) aren’t an option, you can also look into gifting video games.

EA Sports FIFA Football series or Pro Evolution Soccer games are definitely top-tier gifts.


There’s a budget for everyone here and you are only restricted by your imagination.

There is the obvious route of getting tickets to highly coveted football matches, such as Premier League matches, Champions League matches, the Euros, World Cup, El Clasico, etc.

On the other hand, there are so many more interesting options. From charity football matches to stadium tours of the recipient’s favourite team, even football exhibitions.

Viagogo should cover most you’re your ticketing needs

Word of advice though, if purchasing tickets to a football game, a knowledge about the team the gift’s recipient supports isn’t just relevant.

It is paramount, so you don’t want to end up purchasing seats among fierce rivals of the team the recipient supports.

With regards to gifting video games, either EA sports FIFA Football series or Pro Evolution Soccer video games are great choices but only if the recipient already owns a videogames console.

Personal Favourite

Football matches are great, no doubt – but for the true football enthusiast, a trip to a football museum is an experience to savour.

The FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich is the Mecca of football museums and delivers an experience that will blow the socks off any lover of the beautiful sport.

There are more choices all over Europe, check out the link below from 90mins to get a taste of why this is such a brilliant gift idea:

Best football Museums ranked


Great Gift Ideas for Football fans for all budgets

The perfect choice for folks who partake in the sport.

A truly functional gift that will satisfy buyer and recipient as repeated and continuous use is all but guaranteed.

The choices in this category are endless.

Football tops, shorts, socks, boots, balls, performance trackers matched by the wide arrear of options such as Adidas, Nike, Pro-direct soccer , Unisports football to name a few.


You’ll find a plethora of football equipment to choose from, but without the slightest hint of exaggeration, football boots are hands down the most important items in this category.

With a bit of research, you’ll find a range of boot options regardless of budget.

however, I would opt for kangaroo leather boots as these are always supremely comfortable and eventually mold to the shape of the user’s feet.

Here are a few to consider:

Nike tiempo series

Mizuno football boots

Nike premier series

Personal Favourite

Adidas Copa Mundials, the granddaddies, pure football heritage in every pair.

These boots are simply immortal.

They are the embodiment of peak German engineering, pillow-soft kangaroo leather, and suitable for 4g or firm ground football pitches.

You can’t go wrong with these.

A word of caution on sizing though – I’d usually advise going up half a size compared to your regular shoe size when buying football boots.

In this case, go true to regular shoe sizing with these at the very most.

Opt for the smaller size if foot size seats between 2 sizes.


Somewhat niche section – we are talking match-worn kit or boots, art, or just bits and bobs that embody the beautiful game. Ranging from signed vintages jerseys to onesies

Just don’t get keyrings. You are better than that. Don’t. Please.


Unless the recipient of the gift is a collector of football memorabilia, we definitely won’t recommend breaking the bank as authentic memorabilia can be extremely dear. 

Everything else is firmly on the table, here are a few outlets to check out:

Terry Knees Shaw
Art of Football

Personal Favourite

The prints available on Art of Football’s Webby are all majestic choices.

Personal favorite though has to be the aptly namedBOW OUT.

Zidane cordially introduces Materazzi to his forehead would have been way too long a title.

We’ll have this in A2 on canvas, thanks.

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