Best spots to get desserts in Athens-South Coast

Best spots to get desserts in Athens-South Coast

If you are looking for a place to stay in Athens, Palaio Faliro is a great option as it is a seafront neighborhood only 12 mins drive from Acropolis, Athen’s main tourism attraction. This area is one of the most beautiful places in Athens and home to some of the best spots to get desserts in Athens.

Palaio Faliro is connected to two main avenues. The seaside Poseidonos Avenue, which connects it with the port of Athens, Piraeus (the main connection to the Greek Islands), and Syngrou Avenue, which links it to the city center.

Plus, it has a direct connection to the Athens International Airport via its express bus line X96.

Palaio Faliro is part of the Athens Riviera, a coastal area that offers some of the best beaches in Athens. Some locals jokingly call it ”Falifornia” due to layout similarities of the seafront, which is covered with palm trees.

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There is no right time to have a dessert. Being on holiday is always a good excuse but any time is a good time.

Before a meal, after a meal, or instead of one. Dessert for breakfast can be guilty free.

So, if you find yourself in this area or decide to make your way to it, here are 5 places with desserts you should not miss.

From classic favourites to wicked mouthwatering alternatives.


alma palaio faliro
Alma at Foursquare

This place is a best-kept secret among locals in the area.

An old-school patisserie run by the same family for over 50 years.

Do not be fooled by the first impressions. The dessert here is special. The first giveaway clue is the beautiful aroma in the air when you are approaching the spot.

They probably make the best classic mille-feuille in Athens.

Regulars will call in advance to pre-order them, as they can run out pretty quickly.

Other popular options are eclairs, cookie truffles, and sweet pastries.

They also produce a kind of non-sweet biscuits that can be quite addictive.


Zuccerino at Wolt

This is the most well-known patisseries in the area.

It started as a small shop 30 years ago and expanded within the same area to a second location with sitting space.

They have two more shops, one in Nea Smyrni (an area nearby) and another in Central Athens.

They also operate an e-shop.

Just the mention of this shop brings to mind an exquisite variety of chocolate treats and ice – cream.

The characteristic smell of chocolate always greets you on arrival.

Birthday cakes and the traditional ”tsoureki” a sweet brioche-like dessert made with greek mastic flavouring, are among the most popular choices here.

They are also a great option for any special dietary requirements.


Kosmikon at Foursquare

There is always traffic in and out of this store, for a reason.

This brand has operated since 1961 and they have stores in multiple locations in Athens.

They combine modern techniques with traditional taste.

The big success behind it is that they kept the classic flavours of traditional Greek desserts made with syrup.

Here you can find all kinds of desserts, like in most patisseries around Athens.

However, they specialise though in desserts soaked in delicious syrups and filo pastry.

Here you can find walnut cake, honey & rosewater baklava, and kataifi with almond syrup.

They are most well known for their traditional milk custard pie. (a greek-milk-pudding twist served on a filo pastry base and drizzled with orange syrup)

Nouvelle patisserie

Nouvelle Patisserie at Foursquare

This is another family-run patisserie that has operated in the area for more than 30 years.

The pastry chefs in this establishment are trained in the art of french bakery techniques.

They are ideal for creative birthday cakes or anyone looking for a particularly knowledgeable pâtissier.

They are definitely one of the best shops in Athens for profiteroles and tarts.

It is a small store but everything is always fresh and tasty.


Dimitriou Facebook Group

Last but not least, this is a relatively new store that has recently gained popularity.

The company behind it produces Traditional Greek dairy products.

Here you can find mostly dairy products and a variety of dessert delicacies.

They get extra points for the convenient location and the fact they offer a loyalty card.

Everything is reasonably priced, making choosing between chocolate/vanilla mousse, milk pie, or rice pudding really easy.

No need to choose, you can get them all.

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