Best Christmas Video digital ad campaigns 2020

Best Christmas Video digital ad campaigns 2020

Christmas is a little bit different this year. However, we can still count on some great Christmas ad campaigns. Brands published their Christmas ads and we chose our favorite. The ones that made us think, cry, and laugh the most.


Microsoft | Christmas 2020 Ad |Find Your Joy (A Dog’s Dream)

Coca-cola Christmas |Christmas 2020 Ad | Give something only you can give

Disney UK |Christmas 2020 Ad|From our family to yours

Co-op|Christmas 2020 Ad |We can all do our bit for our community.

Argos |Christmas 2020 Ad |An Evening with Abraca Daisy & The Incredible Lucy

Waitrose & John Lewis |Christmas 2020 Ad | Give A Little Love

Rollin’ Wild |Christmas 2020 Ad|Rollin Christmas

Woodie’s |Christmas 2020 Ad |We are all Homemakers

WWF | Christmas 2020 Ad |Elephant trail

SuperValu | Christmas 2020 Ad |Is he coming?

Sainsbury’s | Christmas 2020 Ad |Gravy Song

Woolworths | Christmas 2020 Ad | Sharing the spirit of Christmas

Aldi UK | Christmas 2020 Ad | Kevin’s out in the cold.

Erste | Christmas 2020 Ad |Believe in Love

IKEA | Christmas 2020 Ad |The Christmas food waste

Amazon | Christmas 2020 Ad | The show must go on

Doc Morris | Christmas 2020 Ad | Take care of yourself.