Gifts that give back – Best charity gift ideas

Gifts that give back – Best charity gift ideas

The end of the year is approaching fast. Looking to score some extra points in Santa’s nice list? Here are the best charity gift ideas. These ideas are perfect for anyone looking for meaningful gifts these holidays. Whether you are seeking an out of the box gift idea or just want to contribute to a charitable cause, Christmas is the perfect time to do it.

Donating to the causes you care about can be deeply rewarding. Inspire your kids to follow your lead and encourage your family and friends to do the same.

One purchased = one donated – Stand4socks

Stand4socks on Twitter.

According to Stand4socks ”socks are the most requested item by homeless shelters”. This is because socks are rarely donated. This organization wants to change the world with socks. Working on multiple causes in multiple countries through ethically made socks that stand out.

For every pair sold a pair is donated. They pay equal attention to durability, support, and comfort to both sold and donated socks. However, the socks donated are specially designed to be durable yet versatile. Antibacterial and in darker colors to give them a longer lifespan and less visible wear. Free UK shipping for orders over £35.

Gifts that can change someones life – Shelter

Vegan extra dark chocolate – Shelter

Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through our advice, support, and legal services. Topics they dealt with in 2019/2020? Eviction, disrepair and coronavirus-related issues amongst others.

Their gift shop offers a variety of Christmas gift ideas. Christmas cards, organic chocolate, a second-hand shop, and a magazine subscription are some of the options.

Gifts out of the ordinary – Amnesty International UK

Frida Kahlo Stag Horn Cushion at Amnesty International UK

No introduction is necessary for the global movement of Amnesty International. Having over seven million people make it the world’s largest grassroots human rights organization.

With a Nobel Peace Price Award earned for their life-saving work. They investigate, educate, and mobilize the public in order to create a safer world.

The Amnesty shop covers so many Charity gift ideas. It is the first time I’ve seen a feminist gift section. However, you can find gifts for every taste. They also have clothing, accessories, books, music, and a home and garden section.

Sustainable and ethical gifts – Oxfam

Organic, ethically sourced shampoo & conditioner – Oxfam Online Shop

For the last 70 years, Oxfam is fighting poverty and injustice around the world. In their Christmas shop, you can find ethically-sourced handmade gifts, created by artisans around the world. There is also the option to offer a variety of unwrapped charity gift cards and many second-hand gems.

Oxfam works in 67 countries, in 5 continents, and with more than 3,500 partner organizations. Some of the issues they work on: Beating hunger, equality for women, water for all, emergencies, climate change, health, education, and fighting coronavirus in vulnerable communities.

Virtual gifts for animals – Greek animal welfare fund

Animal charity, cats dogs London, Athens, Greece

Gawf is a UK based charity that operates in Greece since 1959. Through different projects and programmes, the Greek animal welfare fund’s purpose is ‘the prevention and relief of cruelty and suffering amongst animals in Greece’. They work with street animals, working animals and pet animals.

Their online shop offers wall calendars and greeting cards starting as little as £10 and other virtual gift ideas that can benefit an animal in need.

Stylish gifts for Animal lovers – Battersea

Whippet Stud Earrings by Amanda Coleman – Battersea shop

With more than 160 years of history, Battersea has cared for more than 3.1 million animals. This very well known charity has some of the most stylish and unique charity gift ideas.

Gifts for yourself, kids, friends, family as well as your favorite pets. On their website, you can find video tutorials on how to make homemade toys and treats. However, in their shop, you can find everything you want and a little bit more.

From dog and cat essentials to stunning jewelry. The only drawback is some of the best items are currently unavailable.

Gifts of adventure and discovery – Unicef UK

Unicef Paddington’s Parcels

This year, Unicef has launched a domestic emergency response in the UK for the first time in its more than 70-year history to help feed children hit by the Covid-19 crisis.

Their work focuses on every child in need in 190 countries. Their shop has so many well thought and inspiring charity gift ideas.

With inspired gifts, you choose one, personalize a card to dedicate it to your family or friends. They then post the card for free, or you can email it or print it out. You can also find jewelry, fashion, and home items.

The Paddington parcels are a Christmas favorite. You built your parcel by choosing your presents and they send your presents to children who need them most.

Or you can buy Paddington postcards as a gift. Your lucky recipient will get to explore new countries and learn how other children live. Simply sign up for an £8 monthly donation and Paddington will send them a personalized postcard (and more!) every month.

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