14 best free useful Apps to download in London

14 best free useful Apps to download in London

More than most other cities, London has a wealth of apps to help locals and visitors make the most of the city. 

Moving around, ordering food, weather forecasts, going out, or visiting popular attractions, are right on your hand when you have the right apps.

Imbued with history and filled with culture, the prospect of a visit to London can be exciting and overwhelming in equal measure. With so much on offer, where do you even start when visiting just for a few days?

This article includes useful apps to help you navigate those issues at ease.

Apps linked below are suitable for iOS and Android.

Moving around

1. Citymapper

best free useful apps to download in London Citymapper
  • Citymapper is a public Transport App you can access in a few cities around the world. It displays a variety of transport options with live timing. The options include driving, bus, train, tube instructions even time and cost calculations for hire rides. The app enables you to choose the best option or combination of options to move around based on time, cost, or convenience.

2. Tfl oyster and contactless app

tlf oyster and contactless app London best free useful apps to download in London
  • This app is the official Transport for London app. You can use it to manage your contactless and Oyster cards on the go. It allows you to top up pay as you go credit or buy adult rate Travelcards and Bus & Tram Passes valid between seven days and 12 months. When the passes are due to expire or your credit is low you receive notifications.

3. National Rail app

National Rail app best free useful apps to download in London
  • This is an app that helps you navigate your train travels. You can check the train times, plan your trips and buy tickets all on one platform. It also allows you to track live status updates. For any delays or cancellations, you will receive notifications. You even get a ”wake up” alert to avoid missing your station.

4. Uber app

  • Uber is definitely the most popular hire ride service in London. You just need to download and set up your account. It can identify your pick-up location and provide you with a price estimate. The car category option is up to you to decide. Easy to use and available anytime.

5. Thames Clippers Tickets App

  • In this app Thames Clippers and Uber Boat come together and turn your mobile phone into your ticket. Making travel by river much easier. You can use it from anywhere to track live departures. It is really simple to use and quite convenient. You just need to open the app and access your ticket wallet to use.

6. Addison Lee

Addison Lee app London best free useful ups to download in London
  • This premier car service app is particularly successful in the Corporate world. The reason behind this it’s because it allows you to book a car on demand or pre-book up to three months in advance. All prices are fixed with no surge charges at peak times. A great tool to organise traveling for busy professionals.


7. Too good to go

  • This is the first anti-food waste app. The idea behind it is quite noble. It gives you access to surplus food from local stores. The supply depends on the day and it is always at a great price. Enabling users to grab a bargain and stores to reduce waste. Making it overall a great enterprise for the environment.

8. Uber eats

  • Probably one of the top 5 apps to use on a weekly basis. This Order food delivery app includes loads of local food stores. It also makes ordering and tracking your order quick and simple. Every stage is monitored in detail. From preparing, to packaging, on the move live updates plus a notification with the exact time of arrival to make collection much easier.

9. Deliveroo app

  • This Order food delivery app enables users to order anything from big brands to local favorites. It is the most popular app among businesses since it allows corporate accounts. Easy to use, reliable customer service, and a great option for restaurants that do not deliver otherwise.


10. Met Office Weather app

  • This app gives you access to daily/hourly forecasts and local weather coverage from 1 hour to 7 days ahead. It sends weather warnings with instant notifications. You can also find information about the wind speed, direction, and gusts, sunrise and sunset times, even pollen and air pollution forecasts. What makes it different from other weather apps in London is the Met office expertise.

11. Yahoo weather app

Best weather apps London
  • This is one of the weather apps you can download while in London that really stands out. Since it is the only one that offers you Flickr photos of your location and current conditions. Making checking the weather between different locations interactive and fun. Features include a ten-day forecast, map views, and details like humidity, visibility, UV index, and air quality.

Going out

12. London Theatre Direct

  • This app was created by the London Theater direct and it is available ONLY for iPhone. You can check all the London Theater plays available and choose the one that suits you best. Making choosing seats and buying tickets much quicker and easier. Extra bonus the fact that they offer discounts for some options.

13. Visit London app

  • This app is ideal if you want to create a personalised map and itineraries of the places you want to visit. It is full of inspiring lists and ideas for every budget. A great feature is the option to use the map offline, helping you save on roaming and data charges. You can find everything from free activities to secret weekend spots.

14. Trail Tale

free useful best app Trail Tale app London
  • This is one of the most useful free apps to download when in London. Especially for anyone wanting to make the most out of London. Whether you are visiting or living in the city, using it can be quite fun. It allows users to explore London and other GB towns through guided tours. Using it is quite easy. A free activity that helps you gain some valuable insight.

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