10 Amazing Housewarming gift ideas – Summer 2021

10 Amazing Housewarming gift ideas – Summer 2021

1. The Chocolate & Fizz Collection

10 Amazing Housewarming gift ideas for Summer 2021

Can it ever go wrong with Chocolate and Prosecco?

This is a classy housewarming gift idea at a great price (£27).

Hotel Chocolat has options for every budget and occasion; from individual chocolates to impressive collections.

A sweet gesture for loved ones or just people you want to show your appreciation to.

They combine delicious chocolate combinations and minimal luxury.

2. Vivienne Westwood Keyring

10 Amazing Housewarming gift ideas for Summer 2021

A special keyring can either include a personal message or just look great.

For example, the keyring pictured here is by Vivienne Westwood a brand known for stand out, quirky pieces (£65).

Details; pink colourway, three silver charms with different shape designs, metal construction, leather tab with orb emblem adorned to the front to complete.

3. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking

10 Amazing Housewarming gift ideas for Summer 2021

A world-renowned cooking book like this New York bestseller is a great gift for foodies (£26).

In 2018, due to it’s popularity, it became a Netflix series.

Chef and writer Samin Nosrat has taught everyone from professional chefs to middle school kids.

Her cooking style is revolutionary yet simple.

4. Indoor flower plants

10 Amazing Housewarming gift ideas

This housewarming gift does requires some maintenance.

That’s why it’s important to select the right one for the recipient.

You can either go with an indoor-low maintenance, like a snake plant, or a more colourful eye-catching one (£20-£70).

Either way they last longer than flowers and add value to the house decor and the environment overall.

5. Luxury home fragrance

10 Amazing Housewarming gift ideas

These luxury soy & coconut wax scented candles, reed diffusers and wax melts have some of the most delicate and sophisticated fragrances.

Each range has a unique character, from jasmine and orange blossom to black coffee, white florals and praline.

They are crafted with truly inspiring combinations that will surprise you. *Gift boxes are available (from £20).

6. Anthropologie Marble Wine Rack

A wine rack can be a useful and beautiful addition to a new home. It can even be a conversation starter.

Etsy has some handmade wine racks that are quite creative.

They come in all shapes and sizes, even with some personalised touches.

Modern modular (Marble Wine Rack, £49), retro or just practical designs make some of the most stylish and unique housewarming gift options.

7. Custom made return address stamp

Sending a letter might not be as popular as it used to be but this gift can add a sentimental value to it.

You can get a custom made stamp for your business, wedding, or any other occasion. Why not for a new home?

It is not that it will save them time, it is just an unusual gift that looks really special (Return Adress Stamp £28).

8. Green & Brushed Gold Cocktail Set

A great cocktail set is probably an item most people will get as a gift rather go out of their way to purchase.

It will definitely a housewarming gift that accompanies well any other alcoholic presents that a host might receive (Cocktail Set £44.99).

A great addition for the summer days and it can make an evening more interesting.

9. Boho Decorative Art

Handcrafted Decorative Art makes a place feel more personal, welcome and cozy.

Especially if these pieces are created with natural materials such as wood, cotton, jute, and yarn (Moon phases £34,96).

Minimal designs in neutral and earth tones can be timeless and match almost every style.

10. Swan Retro Espresso machine

Getting a practical housewarming gift is always a great option.

If that gift has a character it can make the gesture extra special (Retro coffee machine £100).

Lots of options here, for example, a kettle, a blender, a rice cooker, an oil diffuser, an air fryer or just a coffee machine.

You can either go for latest technology or a retro, vintage vibe.

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